Venus in transit, Rose in kitchen: Coincidence, or the beginning of an era?


Lunch bento box

I don’t know if it was the effect of yesterday’s rare Venus transit, but I was inspired to pick up an updated bento box called the Laptop Lunch as a way to eat healthier — and tastier — lunches. Here’s what I came up with given stuff I already had in the fridge and cabinets.

Bento box annotated

  1. Cheese and prosciutto roll-ups in a spinach wrap
  2. Cajun kale chips
  3. Salad with Champagne dressing
  4. Quinoa with mozzarella and sundried tomatoes

This Venus transit isn’t slated to happen again until 2117, so I hope my motivation to prepare these more balanced bento box lunches isn’t nearly as rare as today’s astrological phenomenon.

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4 thoughts on “Venus in transit, Rose in kitchen: Coincidence, or the beginning of an era?

  1. i had some quinoa w/ mozzarella and sundried tomatoes today (and basil!) and am going to start making it regularly–yum! i’ll work with you on it if you like

    • I would love that immensely. I need all the help I can get, plus you are 110 percent awesome to boot, which makes such an arrangement even cooler. :-)

      Evidence that I need help: I also tried to bake kale chips yesterday. (They were not the ones pictures in this post.) They tasted fine, but they didn’t maintain that crispiness. I mean, how hard can it be? The recipe said bake 5 – 8 minutes and let it sit a bit.

      P.S. I bought vanilla extract and almond extract tonight. Excited to try various combinations of tea latte. I’m going to bring you some of these lavender tea bags too, to see if you dig them.

      • just finally started making the kale chips, too. the recipes i saw were low temp (275?) and longer time (20 min). i ate them right away and they were delish, i don’t know how long they keep…

  2. Not sure what the significance of the Venus transit was (other than rare) but I am feeling very good myself today. Maybe because I did some chores I’ve been procrastinating on. That lunch of your’s looks really yummy!

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