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I’ve missed blogging so damn much. (My last post was, sigh, back in August. I have a couple posts from October and November that I basically finished but thought better than to post. And I had about half a dozen others I wanted to write that had to remain in my head space.

It’s been quite a ride and all I want to say on this last day of 2014 is thank you. Thank you, sweet Ashtanga Yoga: Ann Arbor spirits I have the honor to practice with. Thank you, sweet students in Lansing (at Hilltop Yoga and the Michigan Athletic Club) whom I used to teach, before I had to gave up those classes due to my schedule. Thank you to the sweet spirits I met in Mysore in January. I could have illustrated this sweetness in countless ways. Here are three that happen to be on my phone — because the holidays are a a poignant reminder that it’s not about the gifts per se, but the gifts of friendship and gratitude that keep on giving.

aya2retreat aya2apprenti


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