Careening, or not

It’s been unseasonably warm here in Lansing, Mich., but the streak can’t last forever, and tonight, we’re seeing our first snow in a while. Driving home, I thought about how much I love my new snow tires. I never felt like I was able to hug the road under inclement conditions with my all-season tires — roads felt so slippery even when I drastically reduced my speed. And one incident last winter was the last straw: even though I was driving — crawling, you might say — extremely slowly on the highway, my little Corolla spun and I found myself turned around looking at a semi coming toward me. Luckily, there weren’t many cars on the road, and the truck was able to swerve and avoid me. I vowed then that I would get a car that can handle Midwestern storms by the following winter.

But that was before I knew there’d be a wedding in 2012, and all the expense that comes with that. Plus, I’d rather travel than upgrade a car anyway. I invested in serious snow tires instead.

I realize for people who don’t practice yoga, talk of the non-physical benefits of yoga can sometimes seem vague — grandiose, even (I mean, yoga as a system to help remove human suffering is a pretty big statement).

So…here’s my analogy for the day (because you can’t have too many yoga analogies, right?), for those who don’t practice yoga and want another description of that feeling and that transformation that can come from getting on the mat day after day. For me, snow tires are to winter driving as yoga is to living life — you feel less susceptible to the elements. Definitely not impervious to the elements — just less susceptible. When a light snow turns into driving snow, it may not be pleasant, but you’re less likely to lose control and careen off your path. Better traction, more control, more ability to focus and continue on the journey.

Safe travels.

(Photo credit: “Drive by Snow” by  apographon_de via Flickr Creative Commons.) 

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