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1 (Ekam)

2 (Dvi)

I love sushi. I love Thai food. I love Italian dishes. I love Spanish tapas. I love food! And I love Sriracha.

I heart Sriracha tee

My husband bought me this T-shirt for my birthday this year. It’s one of my favorite tees.

3 (Trini)

I geek Ashtanga yoga (hard to tell from this blog, I know) and I’ve found that for me, practicing Ashtanga six days a week is as much a game changer as discovering this practice in the first place.


I hold gratitude for all the teachers I’ve had over the years (from the classroom to the newsroom and everything in between), but Ashtanga yoga teachers occupy a special place in my life. Angela Jamison, who founded and owns Ashtanga Yoga: Ann Arbor — located an hour away from where I live — is my teacher and so much more. She is a guiding light, sharing knowledge, experience, encouragement and inspiration. In a world of so much talk, she infuses such power into her words because she uses them so sparingly. And in a world where so many seem to enjoy announcing that they walk the walk — well, I just have to say that she actually does walk the walk. (You don’t have to take my word for it; if you meet her, you’ll feel this. If you don’t get the chance to meet her, read this for a feel — if nothing else, it will help your practice.) Like any flawed human being, I continue to struggle with a myriad of things. But I am, on balance, far more grounded now than I was in my 20s and even early 30s, and I would not be where I am today without Angela. I have been apprenticing with Angela at Ashtanga Yoga: Ann Arbor since 2012.

This website is an arrow.


Before Angela came into my life, my yogic receptivity was primed by meeting Tim Miller of Encinitas, Calif., at a workshop in Columbus, Ohio in 2010. I only get to see Tim two or three times a year, and whenever I do, I feel reenergized by his equanimity, insights and devotion to this method. (I’m spending the time to talk about this because I’ve felt the powerful difference between having a teacher and not having a teacher. For the first seven years or so that I knew about Ashtanga, I didn’t live in a place with a shala, and I learned through books, videos and the occasional weekend workshop. Things changed when I discovered the guided Ashtanga classes at Hilltop Yoga, the Lansing-based studio founded by Hilaire Lockwood. it was there that I started to deepen my understanding of the practice, and I am grateful for all the teachers I learned from there.) Or, like I said here. I’ve completed a Yoga Alliance-approved — whatever that means 😉 — 500-hour teacher training program in power/vinyasa yoga through Hilltop Yoga in Lansing, Mich. I teach vinyasa yoga classes at the Michigan Athletic Club in East Lansing and Ashtanga yoga at Hilltop Yoga. I have a full-time gig that lets me write, create communications strategies and play with social media. I am a proud Banana Slug and was trained as a journalist, and worked as a daily newspaper reporter for seven years or so. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

6 (SAT)

My desert island bands would be Radiohead, Arcade Fire and Blur . . .

7 (SAPTA) 

. . . if I had the chance to pick, I would want that island to be Maui. What an amazing place. After just one six-day visit, I am convinced there is something magical about Maui.

Ashtanga yoga tank

A very sweet friend got me this tank from Nancy Gilgoff’s studio in Maui. I was in Maui for my honeymoon, but didn’t get to practice with Nancy because she was traveling at the time.


I don’t know how to swim, but I am optimistic that some day, I will be as comfortable as a guppy when I’m in water.

9 (NAVA)

I love salsa dancing, especially when it’s with this guy who blogs over at Certain Songs.

Salsa dancing

Photo by Tavla Studio.

10 (Dasa)

I have had the yoga experiences I’ve had, from simply taking classes to doing teacher trainings to going away on retreats, thanks in large part to the encouragement of my family — my parents, my two younger sisters, and my husband. This path is hard enough, and I’m blessed to have family members who encourage me along this journey and who love me unconditionally. I can’t imagine life without them. I love you so much, guys.

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