My current favorite hashtag is #thestruggle. As in the hashtag that could be applied to this brilliant Audrey Hepburn/Facebook-themed number, which I saw on a friend’s Instagram:


I laugh every time I see it. (On a side note, thank goodness I’ve never had to date in the age of Facebook. Come to think of it, I’ve really “dated” in the traditional sense ever, but that’s not a story relevant to YogaRose.net.)

And my favorite set of memes would have to be, of course, Ashtanga Memes (shout out to Aaron!). Putting the two together, #thestruggle for me this week can be summed with this one:


Except, of course, I wouldn’t necessarily be talking about poses.

You know how it goes….

  • You realize the moon day is here to relieve your crazy schedule, except you’re kind of afraid enter this particular work day without having had the benefit of practice first. (Tell me again what I would do without this practice?)
  • Kapotasana works on that heart-space cage of yours, then you realize what it means to live that exposed.
  • You feel one vibrational channel open up, only to witness another flicker as its lack of a circuit breaker becomes exposed.
  • You write a blog post like this one then remember that you’re an introvert and need time to recharge, except you don’t have that luxury.

And so on. During a much-needed walk yesterday with my husband, we talked about #thestruggle — how once you pass certain portals, you can never go back. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to live in that new awareness space. But what are you going to do? Keep on keeping on, as one of my favorite bosses used to tell me whenever the newsroom got ridiculous.

And the older I get, the more I believe that humor — not taking any of this too seriously — helps. Thank you, Internet memes! (Actually, if it sounds a little like I am trying to convince myself, you are correct. Some of this stuff just does seem so heady and heavy — the stakes can be high.)

In any case, if you have your own version of #thestruggle this week, know that I’m right there with you, friend.

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