[Mysore dispatch] Castor oil baths and not (particularly) getting things done

It’s 4:30 p.m. on the rest day, and what I’ve accomplished so far is sleeping in until nearly 9, eating breakfast, drinking too much chai (a morning ritual for me, apparently), doing laundry, taking my first bonafide Saturday castor oil bath, and doing a 75-minute meditation on the roof the building. I think when you’re studying yoga in India that’s considered productive. At home, I would probably have felt that this should have all happened by noon.

One thing I realized today is that I have been enjoying being relatively inefficient. It’s a new concept to me, and I’ve been pretty content with it for these past two weeks. (Perhaps I’ve enjoyed it a little more than I might have otherwise because beginning on Monday, a new schedule begins: I will be online a couple hours a day to make sure all is well with my work clients back in Michigan.)

At home, I have to live at the height of efficiency in order to get things done. My daily calendar frequently gets parceled out by the quarter hour. I run personal errands outside the house in an order that hits stops clockwise and never requires backtracking, because left turns and retracing your route are a total waste of time and gas. I take advantage of time-saving tools like the delayed-start button on my washer, so that a load can start while I am sleeping and be ready for the dryer when I get up.

Here, I haven’t had to over-scheduled and haven’t had to multitask, unless you consider bucket-washing my laundry after I have just finished showering multitasking.

That said, I currently have a long list of things I should do — mostly in the form of Facebook messages and emails to respond to. I’ll get to them eventually!

P.S. The cumulative effect of a castor oil bath followed by meditation is that I think if anyone tried to hold a real conversation with me right now, my circuitry might just short. (Somehow, blogging doesn’t count.)

P.P.S. — If you’re coming to Mysore this year and wondering about castor oil, Green House, which I am told opened last year, is located on the same street as the shala — so just up 8th Cross, on the left. You can’t miss the green sign on the iron gate. The 70-rupee organic castor oil felt velvety, and the 75-rupee herbal bathing powder also sold there works as well as Dr. Bronner’s soaps back in the States, in my opinion.

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