How to draw yoga stick figures + Twitter’s new Vine app

For a total change of pace, I’m sharing what my sister Sedora gave me as a holiday present last year:

How To Draw Yoga Stick Figures

How to Draw Yoga Stick Figures by Mikelle Terson is such a fun treat, giving my yoga bookshelf a little levity. Here’s one example:

On occasion, I find myself wanting to jot down notes about a posture and it would be cool to be able to sketch it. I used to say my drawing skills stopped around the third grade, but a while back I saw some designs by elementary school kids, and I realized it’s more accurate to say that I draw at the level of a first-grader. So this book is perfect. (Thanks again, Sedora!)

The spiral-bound book starts out with some general tips (“When a posture is revolved, I find it easier to draw the legs first”) and then devotes one page to each pose, starting with adho mukha savasana all the way to yoganidrasana.

By the way, I used Vine — an app that Twitter launched a few weeks ago — to create that little video. Vine creates GIF-like looping videos, and it’s been described as Instagram for videos. Each video is a mere six seconds long, making it quite sharable and portable. You can thread together scenes by stopping the recording (the app makes that easy to do), or you can simply record six seconds of video. Available as a free app for iPhones and the iPod Touch, I don’t think it’ll take long for the yoga-asana-on-the-Internet world to discover Vine.

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