Buon 2012


Buon anno from Firenze, Italia. We arrived in Florence on Wednesday, and it’s hard to believe that last night, we rang in the new year in this vibrant city. We have two full days left and I intend to soak up as much as I can during that time. On the plane ride back across the Atlantic, I’ll start writing up a blog post about some of the tastes, sights and sounds from the trip. For one thing, I have to emote about pappardelle al cinghiale, bistecca fiorentina and porcini anything.

20120101-235142.jpg In the meantime, a short note to say that my first practice of the year was in my hotel room — a quiet practice punctured only by the bells of Santa Maria Novella, the church nearby. I’ve practiced yoga in a lot of surreal spaces — perhaps most notably in the inner sanctum of a Masonic lodge in Vancouver. No matter where I am, it’s fair to say I never feel far from a feeling of gratitude that I have access to this life-altering practice. The farther from home I am, the more I’m reminded of the portability and flexibility of the eight limbs of yoga.

How was your first practice of the year?


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2 thoughts on “Buon 2012

  1. Beautiful pictures! Cannot wait to see more. I think it is incredible that you brought your mat and are keeping your practice up. I borrowed a mat and did that once during our last trip…in a small hallway in the apartment complex in the wee morning hours before anyone got up.

    My first 2012 practice was Hilaire’s detox flow. It was a great sweaty chakra sounding class, due to the Tibetan singing bowls. My second 2012 practice was even better. It was just myself, Belinda and Anna at Just B Yoga. We ended up teaching round robin, silently following each other. Crazy scary lovely awesome.

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