Holiday giveaway for subscribers + the catch

First, the holiday giveaway. Second, a catch and an apology. Third, a request that involves an email selection.

I really appreciate all of my readers. But there is a special place in my heart 😉 for subscribers, because you at some point decided that you’d be willing to put up with additional emails in your inbox to receive this content. I’ve worked in corporate America, and I know what a monster that inbox can be. So thank you.

I’m reserving two of the items shown above as giveaways for subscribers. I’m not doing this to gain more subscribers or readers (I work in the marketing world, so I accept that that’s a valid assumption). I really just want to thank the folks who read, comment, share and generally get engaged.

But here’s the thing — the catch, if you will. I am once again switching the service that delivers these post notifications to your email. You guys were nice enough to re-up when I switched from to in September. The reason I’m switching again — and I promise this is the last time — is that the email service available on, which I prefer to the one I’m currently using, just became available to those who have self-hosted WordPress blogs. (I am really sorry for this inconvenience!) The benefit of this email service is that you can see the graphics for each post and read the entire post in the email itself — so you don’t have to take that extra step of going to the blog itself.

If you want to remain a subscriber, please confirm the notice you received in your email inbox about the switch. If you do not want to remain a subscriber, you don’t need to do anything — you will simply stop receiving emails once I delete this service.

Back to the contest. On Saturday, Dec. 10, I’ll put everyone’s name into a hat — my big floppy prAna hat that I took to Mt. Shasta! — and draw two names. I’ll email those folks, who need to choose by Monday, Dec. 12 at 8 p.m. EST. (First come, first serve in terms of choice.) If I don’t hear back from one or both, I’ll pick another winner(s) with a new deadline. I’ll ship anywhere the U.S. Postal Service is willing to deliver to. (The third piece will be the item I mail out in a second giveaway for anyone who would like to enter.)

By the way, I know email is not the only way to subscribe. Anyone who reads via RSS — send me an email (ashtangayogarose [at] saying that’s how you read this, and I’ll throw your name in the hat.

Finally, the choices:
1. Astanga Yoga As It Is by Matthew Sweeney
2. A beautiful eye pillow made by my friend Jade
3. Learn to Float DVD by David Robson

>>Update: Dec. 18, 2011. Congrats to the winners! 

In a few days, the two winners of this giveaway will hopefully be receiving their packages. I mailed both out four days ago.

Congrats to Bill Kringe for snagging the Matthew Sweeney book. Bill tells me he is a newly certified hatha yoga teacher in Pennsylvania. He doesn’t have a website, but if you’re in his neck of the woods, his teaching schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday mornings, starting Jan. 7, 2012 at Mother’s Nature, 683 South Mountain Blvd., Mountain Top, PA 18707
  • Thursday evenings, starting Jan. 12, 2012 at Beech Mountain Recreation Center, Drums, PA 18222

And congrats to Jen Borrowman, who has recently started teaching four times a week in what she describes as a far-flung corner of Scotland (sounds so calm and beautiful to me!). She’s working on a website, and I hope she shares it in the comments here when she’s done. While she’s working on her website, she can toggle between coding and watching the David Robson DVD that she won.

I’ll soon be announcing the next giveaway in a new blog post.

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5 thoughts on “Holiday giveaway for subscribers + the catch

  1. i love your posts, my dear. i usually notice your updates via your LinkedIn or Twitter posts, and hop over for a gander at your musings. however, for the blog challenged, what is a subscriber? am i one? how does one become one? how am i missing this?

  2. OK, the two prizes have been drawn! I know I said I’d throw each person’s email into the oversized, floppy prAna I took to Mt. Shasta this summer (love that hat!) and pick the winners. But rather than cut all that paper into squares, I ended up using instead.

    The two winners for this round of giveaways — which was open only to subscribers via email or RSS — have an email waiting for them in their inbox. If I don’t hear from one or either by Monday, Dec. 12 at 8 p.m. EST, I’ll draw again.

    If you didn’t win, remember that there will be another prize drawing in a few days — and this time, it’ll be opened up.

    So, subscribers, thanks again for playing! 😉

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