‘Siri, how do I get into lotus pose?’

I keep seeing these commercials for Siri, the groundbreaking personal assistant app on the new Apple iPhone 4S, and I can’t but wonder whether Siri can answer questions about yoga. Why wouldn’t she be able to, right?

I could see the following conversations:

iPhone user/yogi: “Why do I have knee pain in padmasana (lotus pose)?”
Siri: “It might be related to the hip joint. Learn more at Yoganatomy.”

iPhone user/yogi: “How much would it cost to travel to Mysore, India to study Ashtanga?”
Siri: “I have found this blog post from Claudia Yoga with a breakdown of costs.”

iPhone user/yogi: “How do I correctly do the prasarita padottanasana poses in Ashtanga?”
Siri: “I have found the following video posted on the Confluence Countdown blog showing how to perform these postures.”

What if you ask Siri to tell you some stories about Hanuman and other Hindu deities? I’m sure she could. But I’m also sure I’d rather hear them from Tim Miller, who I’m excited I get to see next weekend when he comes to the lovely yogaview studio in Chicago.

Though I’ll admit — if I had the new iPhone (I’ll update as soon as my contract allows me to, believe me), I’d definitely ask Siri how I can best avoid Friday evening rush hour traffic as I drive into the Windy City.

Do you have Siri? Have you tried out some yoga-related questions yet?

(Photo credit: Via apple.com)

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